Twitter to debut Twitter Analytics. The Big Question: ReTweets

Twitter to debut Twitter Analytics. The big question: Retweets — will it track only the new way or the old RT way too?

Quite often, we social media pros are asked to identify key influencers, or to quantify how influential our company is on Twitter. Naturally, the focus falls upon retweets: how many people felt moved to relay your tweet on to their followers. And, by extension, how many first level connections follow those retweeters, making their actions much more valuable.

Only when Twitter analytics (either official or third-party) can accurately track both newer recycle-click and older “RT” type retweets, and assign a value to the unique followers of those retweeters, will Twitter analytics finally provide significant insight.

Wills’ and Kate’s engagement — Twitter first (again)

First announced on #Twittter: Wills’ engagement to Kate.

Tweet all about it!

After a late start, it is interesting to see the British royal family embrace social media. Read more about it on this Washington Post Celebritolgy blog entry:

They got the (Civil) Beat

They got the (Civil) Beat. How does a pay-only news site draw subscribers? The tried & true way — free samples

Newsweak? On this episode of Survivor: NewOldMedia…

Newsweak? On this episode of Survivor: NewOldMedia, Tina Brown plays the immunity idol, voted off

E-mail: The new, old “killer app”?

AOL's Project Phoenix

So much activity around new email programs (Facebook Titan mail; AOL Phoenix mail)’ Looks like the ‘killer app’ of Web 1.0 is back.

Zuckerberg announces titan

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