Updated: From the O.R. to PR

Shonda Rhimes' Production Company LogoGrey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimes is reportedly developing a new TV show for ABC about PR crisis management based on the career of a real-life spin doctor.

There’s plenty of material to draw from.

For more info, see NY Mag’s Vulture

Updated December 21, 2010:
ABC Greenlights PR Drama: TV Show Based on DC PR Guru Judy Smith

Live Tweeting Jeff Zucker

NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker

NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker

I attended this morning’s keynote interview with NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker at the McGraw-Hill Media Summit NYC. Zucker was interviewed by BusinessWeek magazine’s Executive Editor Ellen Pollock. I “live-tweeted” the interview and below is a compilation of those messages in reverse chronological order.

Two points before the tweets:
1) Full disclosure: I work for BusinessWeek on the digital side and therefore McGraw-Hill;
2) You can find many more tweets regarding the M-H Media Summit NYC by searching Twitter on this hash tag: #MS09

    10:00am: Zucker: future with GE; NBCU has benefited greatly as part of GE esp. acquisitions. I hope we’re there for a long time-think we will.
    9: 58am: Zucker: we believe in ubiquitous distribution. We want our content available everywhere. But don’t steal and econ model not yet there.
    9:55am: Zucker: Hulu well ahead of plan financially and will become a significant contributor to NBCU.
    9:50am: Zucker: This is show business. It was easier to be in the show when the business was better
    9:49am: Zucker: Leno move is part of that change in thinking. It keeps Leno and Conan. We don’t expect Jay to matched scripted show rating.
    9:48 am: Zucker: We need to be honest about the change happening in broadcasting. NBC had it rough but that allowed us to change our thinking.
    9:47am: Zucker: NBC news is more dominant than it has ever been. The viewer votes every day.
    9:45am: Zucker: On MSNBC viewership remains incredibly strong with key target demos outperforming CNN. Looking for one more key program.
    9:42am: Zucker: In a difficult economy the key is to out-perform the market. NBCU sells advertising across networks by target audience.
    9:40am: Zucker: We are first and foremost a cable network company (NBC Universal). USA is one of top 5 networks.
    9:35am: Zucker: Cramer was correct on two areas: Fed had to drop rates or more co’s would die; convert to cash if you’ll need it w/in 5 years
    9:32am: Jeff Zucker: Jon Stewart incredibly unfair to CNBC and to business media in general. Everyone wants a scapegoat but blaming CNBC is absurd.
    9:25am: Fox: no one has a crystal ball but insightful business information is vital.
    9:23am: Keith Fox BW pres opening the meeting
    9:19am: Waiting for the. Jeff Zucker keynote interview to start.

The Emmys, or Patting Themselves On the Back

Catching up after falling behind (wish I had a $1 for every blogger that started an entry with words to that effect), the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (what an intellectually sounding name for something that produces mostly dreck), held its 60th Primetime Emmy Awards a couple of weeks ago. I just want to comment on two things.

First, under the category of “the right things get done for the wrong reasons,” ‘Mad Men’ became the first basic cable show to win Best Drama — and well deserved, indeed. Of course, the writer’s strike led to less network product, which led to less viewership, less episodes, less to enter in the Emmy race. But, the winner was ultimately, the best of the bunch. As was ’30 Rock’ for Best Comedy, and the acting of Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin for comedy; Brian Cranston and Glenn Close for drama. All deserving winners.

Second, why all the fuss about winning an Emmy? Doesn’t everybody have one?

Emmy and Me

Emmy and Me

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