Live Tweeting Jeff Zucker

NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker

NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker

I attended this morning’s keynote interview with NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker at the McGraw-Hill Media Summit NYC. Zucker was interviewed by BusinessWeek magazine’s Executive Editor Ellen Pollock. I “live-tweeted” the interview and below is a compilation of those messages in reverse chronological order.

Two points before the tweets:
1) Full disclosure: I work for BusinessWeek on the digital side and therefore McGraw-Hill;
2) You can find many more tweets regarding the M-H Media Summit NYC by searching Twitter on this hash tag: #MS09

    10:00am: Zucker: future with GE; NBCU has benefited greatly as part of GE esp. acquisitions. I hope we’re there for a long time-think we will.
    9: 58am: Zucker: we believe in ubiquitous distribution. We want our content available everywhere. But don’t steal and econ model not yet there.
    9:55am: Zucker: Hulu well ahead of plan financially and will become a significant contributor to NBCU.
    9:50am: Zucker: This is show business. It was easier to be in the show when the business was better
    9:49am: Zucker: Leno move is part of that change in thinking. It keeps Leno and Conan. We don’t expect Jay to matched scripted show rating.
    9:48 am: Zucker: We need to be honest about the change happening in broadcasting. NBC had it rough but that allowed us to change our thinking.
    9:47am: Zucker: NBC news is more dominant than it has ever been. The viewer votes every day.
    9:45am: Zucker: On MSNBC viewership remains incredibly strong with key target demos outperforming CNN. Looking for one more key program.
    9:42am: Zucker: In a difficult economy the key is to out-perform the market. NBCU sells advertising across networks by target audience.
    9:40am: Zucker: We are first and foremost a cable network company (NBC Universal). USA is one of top 5 networks.
    9:35am: Zucker: Cramer was correct on two areas: Fed had to drop rates or more co’s would die; convert to cash if you’ll need it w/in 5 years
    9:32am: Jeff Zucker: Jon Stewart incredibly unfair to CNBC and to business media in general. Everyone wants a scapegoat but blaming CNBC is absurd.
    9:25am: Fox: no one has a crystal ball but insightful business information is vital.
    9:23am: Keith Fox BW pres opening the meeting
    9:19am: Waiting for the. Jeff Zucker keynote interview to start.

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