Some coverage of my social media career: (click headlines for full articles)


LinkedIn Reveals Most Engaged U.S. Marketers of 2014

“With millions of marketers on the platform, it’s no easy feat to rise to the top of this list. “


BusinessWeek Goes Geek, Nixes Silicon Valley for Inside Job

“They’ve also picked up AOL’s Ron Casalotti as director of user participation, who has 10 years experience working with online communities

Online Community Expert Interview: Ron Casalotti, BusinessWeek

This week’s second Online Community Expert Interview is with Ron Casalotti. Ron is a Social Media guy who got his first PC in 1994. After 10 years at AOL, all in Community, where he was involved in everything from creating online content to setting up an offshore moderation team, he joined BusinessWeek as Director of User Participation.


Mom Central’s 5Q’s: Ron Casalotti

“This week we speak with Ron Casalotti, Director of User Participation for BusinessWeek Digital, who spends his time helping to integrate social media into the core offerings of this established media company. When not tweeting (personally or professionally)”

Business Exchange: Good Example of Crowd Sourcing and Social Networking

Ron Casalotti is the Director of User Participation for Business Week’s Business Exchange. Ron’s understanding about how to encourage user-generated content comes naturally. He became addicted to AOL’s online communities in the 1990s.

Social Media for the Common Good: Interview with Ron Casalotti

Ron Casalotti lives and breathes social media. For the past dozen years Ron has held senior social media positions at AOL, Business Week, and currently at Bloomberg. We asked Ron to share some of his accumulated wisdom in the form of five good ideas for using social media for the common good. Here are his thoughts:

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