Twitter Top 10 Trends 2010 – Hold the Toast

Twitter logoTwitter released its list of the most popular trending topics for 2010 and as I reviewed the top ten, it strikes me how its diversity reflects the widespread interests of Twitter users themselves.

Of the ten, two come from the News Events category (1, 4); one from People (8); two from Movies (3,9); two from Technology (6,7); and three from the World Cup (2, 5, 10):

  • 1. Gulf Oil Spill
  • 2. FIFA World Cup
  • 3. Inception
  • 4. Haiti Earthquake
  • 5. Vuvuzela
  • 6. Apple iPad
  • 7. Google Android
  • 8. Justin Bieber
  • 9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
  • 10. Pulpo Paul

And while it is surprising that none from the Television category made the Top Ten, Twitter-haters be advised — Toast is nowhere to be found.

About Ron Casalotti
I am part of that lucky generation that started out when watching TV meant choosing from three networks, three independents and PBS. Now, I work in new (social) media for businesses and organizations - but these thoughts are my own.

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