Thanks for the Meme-ories

My first meme (of this iteration!) I’d like to blame this on someone, perhaps fellow bloggers (“Ich bin ein blogger!”) Erin, Maria or Suzie, but the truth is I lifted it from them.

This mosaic of twelve photos represents me, or so says this meme:

1. My first name.
2. My favorite style of food.
3. My high school.
4. My favorite color.
5. My celebrity crush.
6. Favorite drink.
7. Dream vacation.
8. Favorite dessert.
9. What I want to be when I grow up.
10. What I love most in life.
11. One word to describe me.
12. My Grandmother’s first name.

For you graphically challenged, the answers are:

1. The sign the girl’s holding is a Weealeyian “I’m with Ron”; 2. Italian (of course); 3. Archbishop Molloy (that’s really it); 4. Gray (everything’s a shade of it); 5. Keira Knightley (and daily, too); 6. Rum & Coke; 7. Paris (France, not Texas); 8. Ice cream! (the chocolate souflee is a bonus); 9. A flawed superhero (I’m halfway there); 10. The fam, of course; 11. Crazy. (o/~…you know we’re never gonna survive… unles.. we get a little crazy…o/~); 12. May (maypole, get it?)

Your turn!

(From Erin)

  • Enter your answers into Flickr search.
  • Paste the URLs into this nifty mosaic maker.
  • Discover thyself in images.
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