The Emmys, or Patting Themselves On the Back

Catching up after falling behind (wish I had a $1 for every blogger that started an entry with words to that effect), the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (what an intellectually sounding name for something that produces mostly dreck), held its 60th Primetime Emmy Awards a couple of weeks ago. I just want to comment on two things.

First, under the category of “the right things get done for the wrong reasons,” ‘Mad Men’ became the first basic cable show to win Best Drama — and well deserved, indeed. Of course, the writer’s strike led to less network product, which led to less viewership, less episodes, less to enter in the Emmy race. But, the winner was ultimately, the best of the bunch. As was ’30 Rock’ for Best Comedy, and the acting of Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin for comedy; Brian Cranston and Glenn Close for drama. All deserving winners.

Second, why all the fuss about winning an Emmy? Doesn’t everybody have one?

Emmy and Me

Emmy and Me

9/11 Seven Years On…

WTC Tribute Lights

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Ronald Keith Milstein, 54; Alejandro Castano, 35; John Doe, 59; Jane Doe, 52 (both names not released).

Know them? Probably not and neither do I. These four 9/11 World Trade Center victims’ remains were finally identified just this past April — almost seven years after the attack. I just wanted you to know that even now, more than 40% of the victim’s have yet to have their remains identified, leaving those families with only the WTC site — now a gaping construction pit — as the only place for them to gather to remember those lost on that day.

As I travel around the country, especially away from the big population centers of NY, Boston, D.C. and even L.A., it strikes me that those of us who live in the areas that were attacked are still hurting whereas most of the country has moved on.

And so, as we remember those who died on that day and (for some of us) as we continue to hear the screaming voices buried deep within our souls, let’s renew our resolve as a country to prevent this from happening again.

I originally planned to post this yesterday, on the 7th anniversary, but came to realize that this date still affects me more than I’d care to admit.

P.S. – As we dicsuss the billion$ in overruns in the planning and construction of a 9/11 memorial here in New York City, aren’t the two beams of light reaching towards heaven the ultimate memorial?

Business Exchange: Trilogy of Entries Ends

At the risk of losing you by posting a 3rd entry in a row about the new project I am working on, I’d like to point out the good side: trilogies have a habit of working, quadrilogies (is that a word?) don’t, and so this is the last one you’ll have to endure (at least for a while).

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We’re open! Today is the day the curtain gets lifted, the veils get parted, the fog dissipates (etc., etc.) on the Business Exchange (if I had a soundfile of Also Sprach Zarathustra, I’d insert it here).

So, come on in — it’s easy! Just self-register here (insert your info, including your e-mail address and the password you wish to use when signing-in), and a completion link will be sent to you within the hour. Click the link, create your profile (a neat feature allows you to load your profile from your existing LinkedIn one) and then go to this page to sign-in: Business Exchange.

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