Business Exchange: Trilogy of Entries Ends

At the risk of losing you by posting a 3rd entry in a row about the new project I am working on, I’d like to point out the good side: trilogies have a habit of working, quadrilogies (is that a word?) don’t, and so this is the last one you’ll have to endure (at least for a while).

Check me out at Business Exchange

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We’re open! Today is the day the curtain gets lifted, the veils get parted, the fog dissipates (etc., etc.) on the Business Exchange (if I had a soundfile of Also Sprach Zarathustra, I’d insert it here).

So, come on in — it’s easy! Just self-register here (insert your info, including your e-mail address and the password you wish to use when signing-in), and a completion link will be sent to you within the hour. Click the link, create your profile (a neat feature allows you to load your profile from your existing LinkedIn one) and then go to this page to sign-in: Business Exchange.

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