Turning Five On March 21, Twitter Has Room to Grow

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A sneak peek at the results of a new study on social media usage behaviors and trends by Edison Research to be released in the coming weeks titled The Social Habit (see 2009 results), reveals just how ubiquitous the Twitter brand has become.

In a short time, Twitter (turning five years old March 21) has insinuated itself into the American psyche with a whopping 92% domestic awareness. Usage, however, tells another story, with just 8% of Americans Twitter users.

92% awareness; 8% usage. Let’s call this a corollary to the 90:10 rule reflecting passive to active social network users.

The 1stTweet

The 1st Tweet March 21, 2006

Contrary to concluding that Twitter has been dismissed by the public as being inconsequential or fleeting in nature, it possesses tremendous growth potential over the next several years as awareness leads to acceptance which, for many, will lead to usage as the evolution from Early Adopters to Lead Users to Mainstream Acceptors and Laggards plays its course. You only need to look to the advertising history:

The social network links becoming more and more common in the ads of today, mirror how web site URLs became prevalent just 5 years ago.

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