Everyone Thinks They Know Social Media, But…

Great post. One of the problems I’ve observed while discussing this topic with industry types is that companies often have several people, some in high leadership positions, who all believe that they “know” social media simply because they have a Web page, or a Facebook account or have participated in an online discussion here or there . That’s like saying you know how to design a new car simply because you’ve driven one.

Companies looking to connect with their customers where they increasingly live — online — not only need a social media department, they need to hire social media professionals to run them.

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Vote Like Your Life Depended On It

Because, you know, it does. Some say that every vote does NOT count, and that is technically true.

After all, a red state voter casting a ballot in a heavily blue state does not affect who gets that state’s electoral votes. Vote by absentee ballot? Hell, they don’t even get read unless the race is very close. And, of course there’s those rejected ballots.

So, why vote? To send a message to the winner. An electoral landslide with a close popular vote tells the winner that they do not necessarily have a mandate to govern without concern given to the minority voters. Oh, and I am not referring to this election nor am I publicly coming out for either Obama or McCain. I just want you to vote and while voting realize the privelege it is to be able to do so.

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