Twitter founder @Biz Explains Why Activism Works on Twitter

Twitter founder @Biz’s great #Atlantic reply to the #NewYorker article that trashed #Twitter activism

Blog Action Day 2010 – Drink Up!


Life happens, and occasionally when it does your attention gets divided and some things, like blogging, fall by the wayside in favor of other things like micro-blogging (Twitter to you and me) and before you know it the earth has circled the sun once again (and then some).

So, what can spur one to resume the art of the blog? A good reason, for a good cause. Today, October 15, 2010, is global Blog Action Day where bloggers from all over the world blog about a singular topic and this year it’s water (or lack thereof). (Ed. note: 2010 participation: 5,716 bloggers located in 143 countries)

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